I almost forgot about this Blog tbh

(9/9/23) So I saw the movie “Bottoms” last Saturday and I just had to draw my favorite character “Josie”. Ayo Edebiri already has my heart so I’m bias. 

The movie was only showing in specific movie theaters in the United States (I believe), and LUCKILY a theater only 20 minutes away from me was one of them. Even though I would’ve GLADLY taken a trip, just as long as it was in my state. 

I’m kind of annoyed though that people seemed more interested in Nicholas Galitzine (Jeff). Like I understand that he was in Red, White, and Royal Blue, which is another movie I enjoyed, but his character (Jeff, in Bottoms) wasn’t even all that interesting…in my opinion…just another stereotypical jock (which is funny, but definitely nothing crazy…he barely even had that many lines!) 

Maybe I’m just a little bitter that I wish people would obsess over Ayo, because she’s KILLING it in Hollywood! They’re both so talented but…*sigh*, I guess I just relate to her more. 

Like, how are you involved in so much yet still so underrated? Same feelings toward Jerrod Carmichael…

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