My Original Character, Apple. They’re eating an apple. This took me so long because I did NOT plan this out properly.
Jerrod Carmichael drawn based upon three different pictures found on the internet. There isn’t much fan-art of him so I decided to change that!
My Original Character, Clo…the Clown. Sitting on a stool chair, posing for a picture he doesn’t want to take.
I’ve been obsessed with crows lately, so I just decided to add a crow onto his head while he scrolls through his phone!
Just wanted to practice with poses and vibrant colors like certain shades of pink and purple. I love how this came out.
My OC, Elley, is representing the Panromantic Asexual flag color scheme. The Asexual color scheme is predominately represented within her outfit…with a tiny heart representing and Panromantic part
My OC, “Reyah”, representing the Pansexual flag color scheme
PRIDE ‘22 

This is my Non-Binary OC (Original Character) “Jordan” representing the Non-Binary flag colors :)

Jerrod Carmichael came out as gay in his most recent comedy special “Rothaniel”(2022) So it made since to draw him representing the “Gay men” flag colors.
Day 5 of Blacktober ‘22. Prompt: “Earth”. I WAS just going to draw planet earth…but I wanted to be a bit more creative, so dirt…is apart of the earth, so I decided to draw two hands holding the “Earth”…with a Pumpkin leaf to stick to the season.
This was drawn in like November of 2021. This was my first (and only) finished background drawing. I have NO idea why I decided to draw three reclining chairs instead of the one big couch but whatever. Guess I wanted to practice perspective.
This was drawn for Blacktober ‘22. Like Day 3 and the prompt was “vibrant” so I decided to draw this cute little picture of a girl with Autumn leaves stuck in her Afro :)
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