My Original Character, Apple. They’re eating an apple. This took me so long because I did NOT plan this out properly.
This is inspired by a drawing I made back in 2019; dealing with art block
My Original Character, Clo…the Clown. Sitting on a stool chair, posing for a picture he doesn’t want to take.
I’ve been obsessed with crows lately, so I just decided to add a crow onto his head while he scrolls through his phone!
My OC, Elley, is representing the Panromantic Asexual flag color scheme. The Asexual color scheme is predominately represented within her outfit…with a tiny heart representing and Panromantic part
My OC, “Reyah”, representing the Pansexual flag color scheme
PRIDE ‘22 

This is my Non-Binary OC (Original Character) “Jordan” representing the Non-Binary flag colors :)
This was drawn in like November of 2021. This was my first (and only) finished background drawing. I have NO idea why I decided to draw three reclining chairs instead of the one big couch but whatever. Guess I wanted to practice perspective.
This was drawn for Blacktober ‘22. Like Day 3 and the prompt was “vibrant” so I decided to draw this cute little picture of a girl with Autumn leaves stuck in her Afro :)
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