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  1. I almost forgot about this Blog tbh

    2023-09-09 14:51:27 UTC
    (9/9/23) So I saw the movie “Bottoms” last Saturday and I just had to draw my favorite character “Josie”. Ayo Edebiri already has my heart so I’m bias.  The movie was only showing in specific movie theaters in the United States (I believe), and LUCKILY a theater only 20 minutes…

  2. How I’m feeling right now…

    2023-08-13 14:40:17 UTC
    *Apparently I’m obsessed with drawing sad eyes with thick eyelashes…sketching flowers are also pretty comforting*  I feel…sick, not going to lie, I’m dealing with physical pain…mostly in my stomach and lower back. (8/13) Just adding to this because it felt pretty empty. New day. Still in physical pain, but also…

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