About Me

Hello, my name is Elley. I work full-time at a job completely irrelevant to this site and attend school part time to obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

I have been drawing ever since I was a young child but throughout High school I just didn’t take it as seriously as i should have. Lack of confidence and people constantly pressuring me to choose a career that will make me a lot of money…will do that lol 

I honestly didn’t take art all that seriously again til i was about 21. 

Being an over thinker who has struggled with depression, with a splash of anxiety, I didn’t really know how to really express myself through anything else but my art…

So I stopped fighting with myself and gave it another try 


Customized illustrations 


I have experience with the software Clip Studio Paint and the app Procreate 

I currently use Procreate as my main source for my art 



Using Format