How I’m feeling right now…

Sad eyes with thick eyelashes 
Flowers and petals falling onto the ground 
Digital art sketch 
Procreate app software

*Apparently I’m obsessed with drawing sad eyes with thick eyelashes…sketching flowers are also pretty comforting* 

I feel…sick, not going to lie, I’m dealing with physical pain…mostly in my stomach and lower back. (8/13) Just adding to this because it felt pretty empty. New day. Still in physical pain, but also stressed out at the fact that I hate how my room looks (first world problems I know) but it ties into my mental health. I hate how my bedroom looks, but I also don’t plan on living here for much longer, so any major changes would be stupid…plus I’m just too exhausted with life anyway lol. 

My thoughts are racing as per usual 

Tools used: iPad Pro 

Software: Procreate App

Using Format